Argumentative Essay Writing Tricks

February 26, 2018 - essay sample, essay writing
Argumentative Essay Writing Tricks

When students are first assigned an argumentative piece of writing, they may find themselves wondering how to write an essay in this style. Argumentative works are designed for students to learn how to prove a point, in a way that is logical and reasoned. Look through a few samples written by custom writing services (or other students, if you can get ahold of them). Notice how there are many points that prove a thesis, which is often opinionated. With an opinion though, comes many facts that support it. These tips will teach you how to craft argumentative-style essay writing on any subject that stands out.

#1: Start with Solid Argumentative Essay Topics
Everyone has opinions. But, how do you narrow down the one that will make your thoughts stand out? You should choose something that you are passionate about, however, you do not want to be so passionate that you overlook the facts. Make sure there is a solid ground that you can build your case on, otherwise your hard work will be for nothing. Passion is important—but not if it clouds your judgment.

If you need some help, browse through samples offered through an online library, scholarly resource, or even from an online essay writing service. This should give you an idea of which topics are home runs, and which are duds.

#2: Make Sure Your Thesis is Clear
The thesis is arguably the most important sentence in your entire paper. If you browse papers from anywhere, even the best essay writing services, you will see that a clear thesis is important in argumentative essays. It states your major point to the reader, giving them an idea of how you want their thought process to go as they read. It clearly directs them in the way that you want their mind to go.

#3: Build a Case with Facts and Statistics
Bias is the enemy of an argumentative paper, because it is seldom based on fact. To prove your point, you want to back it with clear ideas, facts, data, and statistics. Even if you have what you believe to be a valid point, do not include it without facts. If you are unsure of bias, consider cheap writing services. You can use them as an essay review service to check for bias in your paper.

#4: Don’t Be Afraid of the Other Side’s Opinion
The best essay writer knows that the other side has their own opinion regarding the topic of their paper. Instead of worrying about it disproving your ideas, introduce a fact. Then, use your own logic and research to analyze this idea. Do not stress if it is not something that you can disprove—it is even okay to say that the other side’s idea has merit, but that yours outshines it because of what you have learned. Simply by acknowledging it, you are proving that you have thought through your topic completely.

#5: Always Come Back to Your Thesis
The paper writing companies that receive the best writing service reviews always return to the thesis statement at the end of the paper, a guideline that is instilled in many students from the time they write their first paper in school. Writing an argumentative-style paper is no different, because returning to your thesis gives your readers another nudge toward the opinion that you want them to form.

#6: Leave the Reader’s Thinking
The best way to finalize your work is with an impact. If you look through samples from custom essay services, you will notice that papers sometimes end with a question or other statement that invokes thought. With the right question, you will keep the mind of your reader turning. This is how to craft something that rivals some of the best writing services online- a paper that makes a true statement.

An argumentative essay is a great way to give your opinion about something to the world, and even to help shape someone else’s opinion on it. It is a chance to make an impact, even if you are only writing for a school assignment. Use your own custom writing style to make your ideas stand out, but do so using the tips above to persuade your readers of your ideas. If you want to see the best examples of argumentative essay, visit My Homework Done.

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