How to Write an Explanatory Essay for Improved Grades

October 1, 2020 - essay writing

There are different types of essays hence the need to understand what is required in each one of them before writing it. An explanatory essay is one such assignment that is not like any other type of essay. It takes a unique approach that is different from all other essay types.

Are you preparing to write an explanatory essay? Well, here is what you should know. It is a type of essay written to explain a given subject to the best of your knowledge and understanding. To explain something, you must have sufficient knowledge about it.

The assessment for this type of assignment is made against the true definitions and explanations of what you are writing about. You will be graded based on how close you were in stating your thoughts together about the chosen subject. To get it correctly, here are some important things to do: 

  1. Identify your Topic 

An explanatory essay is about a given subject or topic. Therefore, you should endeavor to pick a topic that has a specific topic to be addressed.  This is something that makes logical sense and is worth an explanation. Most importantly, your readers should be able to identify with it and your thoughts about it.

  1. Do Your Research Well

Write your essay from a well-informed point of view. Take time to do your research and get familiarized with the entire subject to give you a thorough understanding. Look for supporting references and make sure that your thoughts are backed up well using this research.

  1. Make your thesis clear

Introduce the subject of your topic. Make sure that your readers get to see the background of your writing and the route you are taking to write your explanatory statement.

A thesis statement is, therefore, important to guide you throughout the writing process. Avoid taking a general and ambiguous approach to your writing. It will help you come up with sound and conclusive writing.

  1. Write an Outline 

Even before you get started with the actual writing, make sure you have a written flow of how you will proceed. List down the items that you will cover in your writing and approach them one by one right from the introduction.

An outline is a list of key points that you will be writing about. Make sure you have several of them between your introduction and the conclusion.

  1. Write a Captivating Introduction 

A proper introduction to your explanatory essay is very important. Make sure you demonstrate a proper understanding of your chosen topic by winning the attention of your readers from the start. Your approach to the assignment will determine how successful you will be at the end of it all.

Final Thoughts

An explanatory essay is a type of writing revolving around a specific subject. There is no other way out other than taking the time to understand what it is you will be writing out. All your opinions about the subject should be backed up by research and facts drawn from credible sources. 

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